Folomie Clear Kitchen Storage Containers - Microwave and Dishwasher Safe

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Knowing which Clear Kitchen Storage Containers to use for each of your food items is important for you to have a well-organized kitchen.

Food storage containers are essential to any commercial kitchen. There are different shapes, sizes, and materials, each with its own special function. Knowing which Clear Kitchen Storage Containers to use for each of your food items is important for you to have a well-organized kitchen.


Dry food, Grain Cereal, Spaghetti, Nuts, Beans, Rice, Snacks, Pasta

Why Choose Folomie Clear Kitchen Storage Containers

  1. Very reasonable price with high quality;
  2. QC team to ensure product quality strictly;
  3. Welcome OEMODM order;
  4. Strong production capacity.

Benefits of Folomie Clear Kitchen Storage Containers

Available in several options

Food containers come in different sizes, shapes, and colors to suit your purpose. For instance, if you cook several meals, you can use food containers of different colors to distinguish each meal. The several shapes make it valuable as they can fit whatever food item you want to store or use in your microwave. Interestingly, you will always find a food container that will meet your requirements.

✅【Microwave and Dishwasher Safe】Please open and remove the lid while you microwave the food. And please do not directly heat food that has a lot of oil or sugar. We recommend that you place the lid on the top of the dishwasher to clean it instead of other places.

Keeps the food fresh

Storing food in containers that are made up of good quality of materials keeps the food almost fresh as new and doesn't allow the food to rot.

Saving costs

Changing disposable cardboard boxes to reusable plastic trays will help you save money by reducing supply chain costs. Each plastic box can certainly replace hundreds of individual cartons because you can use it many times. It is also much more durable. These containers are maintenance-free, save on disposal or installation costs (such as stripes) and can be used to save valuable space during return transport. The savings are also because you do not have to buy these plastic lid containers right away, but you can rent them quickly and easily at Rotom for a single event or delivery.

So far, we have discussed the many advantages of plastic containers with lids, but we are first convinced that you can dispose of expensive disposable packaging. In the longer term, Folomie plastic containers are a more convenient and cheaper option. Go to to know more information.