Mortal Immortal [Chapter 1354]

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When this thing exploded, fragments and sand and stones were fired at random at high places on all sides. It is not certain that he was lucky enough to avoid it." 。

"Brother Shi, your mouth is almost catching up with the crow." Han Li said with a wry smile. Behind them, tens of thousands of miles away, there was a huge golden chariot suspended in the sky, a total of three stories high, with carved beams and painted pillars, flying eaves and corners, and shining gold crystals hanging everywhere, emitting bursts of dazzling golden light. In front of the chariot, there were ten golden-winged wildebeest covered with golden armor, waving their wings constantly, pulling the golden chariot forward rapidly and chasing it. Around the chariot, there were hundreds of ferocious and strange half-human beasts, also dressed in golden armor, and the guard of honor was no less ostentatious than the secular emperor's chariot. The golden rhinoceros came after him in person. Shi Chuankong hurriedly swept the rear with divine consciousness and said with some surprise. We can't compete with the monks at the level of Da Luo for the time being. Han Li frowned and said. With that, his hands changed, and the power of the fairy spirit on his body came out, urging the speed of the Jasper flying car to soar and flash away. Hum, still want to escape. The Golden Rhinoceros King stood behind the guardrail of the three-storey attic of the chariot, snorting coldly and in a shrill voice. Silver feather, dressed in a white robe, stood beside him, looking uncertain. At this time, the golden rhinoceros king suddenly raised his hand and waved it violently, and a broad robe embroidered with nine golden dragons on his body lit up with a dazzling light. The golden light at the cuff of the robe, nine golden dragons from all over the robe, all rushed to his cuff, the golden light overflowing cuff immediately swelled hundreds of times, like a huge mouth swallowing the sky, toward the front of the void. Tens of thousands of miles of void seemed to be only between the square inches, the nine golden dragons gathered at the cuff struggled to swim, only a dozen breaths were already close to the top of Han Li's head. Han Li and Han Li realized that the sky was suddenly dark overhead,industrial racking systems, and they felt that there was a powerful oppressive force coming down from above as a hood. The Jasper flying car trembled violently, swayed up and down, and became somewhat out of control and unstable. Inside the cuff, there was another golden whirlpool lit up, among which there were bursts of powerful attraction, which dragged the speed of the Jasper flying car down sharply, unable to get away. Seeing this, Shi Chuankong's complexion suddenly changed greatly. Brother Shi, hold on to my shoulder. Han Li gave a loud shout. The next moment, a layer of golden light on his body suddenly expanded, turning into a golden spiritual realm with a radius of hundreds of miles, enveloping all around. The huge cuff entered the scope of the time spirit domain, and the speed suddenly slowed down. But only a moment later, listen to the golden rhinoceros king a drink, the sleeve of the golden whirlpool suddenly violent a shock, from which burst out a huge force, mobile racking systems ,push back racking system, directly pressed the void ripples in the spirit domain, almost unaffected toward Han Li two people pressed down. At the critical moment, Han Li grasped the body of the flying car with both hands, and the wheel of truth in his body immediately reversed. The whole person, together with the jade flying car, turned into a vague arc and appeared thousands of miles away in an instant. The golden rhinoceros king only felt a flower in front of his eyes, as if his thoughts had stagnated for a short time, and when he reacted, his cuff had already fallen into the void. Shi Chuankong's face was full of surprise and suspicion. He turned around and looked into the distance. He immediately joined forces with Han Lixian to help urge the Jasper flying car to fly away at a speed several times faster than before. Get after me. King Jinxi gave a loud shout. With a wave of his palm, a huge whip of golden light fell on the ten golden-winged horned horses in front of him. There was a loud bang! Ten golden-winged wildebeests suffered heavy blows on their buttocks at the same time, and their golden armor cracked one after another, resulting in a shocking scar. However, the ten wildebeest did not even make a neigh, but ran wildly with wings and hooves, raising their speed to the extreme and chasing them wildly. Flying in front of Han Li did not dare to have the slightest sense of luck, the body of the real wheel constantly reversed, in the power of the law of time under the blessing, with the stone through the air and flying cars continue to sweep forward. The distance between him and the golden rhinoceros king's chariot was lengthened little by little. Shi Chuankong saw this and was pleasantly surprised, but when he looked at Han Li's pale face, he knew that this means, with him and a flying car, would consume a lot, and he was afraid that it would soon be difficult to sustain. Sure enough, Han Li soon stopped such a shuttle, even shrouded in the outside of the spirit of time can not be maintained, together dissipated. Fortunately, after the continuous flight of more than ten years, the trend of the mountains below has begun to change. The original black mountain forest began to decrease gradually, and there were not many tall trees on the ground, but many low bushes appeared, and the mountains gradually became gentle, from towering mountains to winding hills. Brother Li, we are approaching the territory of the Black Weasel King. He and the Golden Rhinoceros are the most difficult to deal with. They will certainly not let the Golden Rhinoceros break into his territory. As long as we get there, we will be safe for a while. Cried Shi Chuankong with joy. The other side is a fierce beast in Daluojing, and you and I must not be careless. Han Li urged the Jasper flying car with all his strength, and the alert color on his face did not diminish, and he said. As soon as his voice fell, he felt a strange wave behind him, and then a long and narrow spiritual realm spanning tens of thousands of miles expanded and enveloped them. Tens of thousands of miles behind, the huge golden chariot suddenly sank, and ten golden-winged wildebeest fell heavily, and then a huge golden meat ball burst out from it, catching up with the polar pole. Spread out.. Han Li's heart jumped and gave a loud shout. But when the voice sounded, it was too late! The golden rhinoceros king in his own spiritual realm, as if a step out, across tens of thousands of miles, instantly appeared on the top of two people's heads, a huge golden foot mercilessly stepped down. Han Li only felt an unmatched spiritual pressure falling from the sky, like the pressure of Taiyue, and a sense of powerlessness rose in his heart. He wanted to force the real wheel to reverse again, but he couldn't do it at all. The frightening force of terror filled all around in an instant, and it was too late to do anything. Chapter 785 drive the tiger to swallow the wolf. But at this critical moment,heavy duty metal racks, a strange layer of silver light waves suddenly lit up from Han Li's side. I saw the stone through the empty eyebrows, a silver light amulet fly out in an instant, "bang" burst open!.