Shangguan Ding's Daughter's Travel

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When this thing exploded, fragments and sand and stones were fired at random at high places on all sides. It is not certain that he was lucky enough to avoid it." 。

Yu Tianping saw that "Tianshan Yiwan" was scolding in his mouth, but with a smile on his face, he knew that this strange man was indeed a man of true love and truth, and he could not help feeling attached to the mountain. He picked up his long sword and said goodbye to Wang Jianzhi and walked out of the cave side by side to the Tianshan Mountains. As they walked, they looked back at the "Tianshan One Remnant", and the Tianshan One Remnant was also waving. Two people walked out of the cave, only to see that the cave had collapsed, the cave door was full of rubble, flowers, trees and wolves on the ground, but no one. "Where is he?" Asked Wang Jianzhi. "They are afraid of their predecessors in the Tianshan Mountains and dare not stay nearby, but they must be watching from afar." When Yu Tianping had finished speaking, he gathered his true strength and felt that he was full of inner strength, which was quite different from before. Then he said, "Brother Wang, I'm afraid there will be a bloody battle later. Is your health all right?" "Brother Yu feels better than before." "The power of'thunderbolt 'is really amazing." Yu Tianping looked down at the gravel road underground. Wang Jianzhi murmured, " 'Thunderbolt'.." 'Thunderbolt '.. "What's the matter with you, Brother Wang?" Asked Yu Tianping. Khan Jianzhi said, "The word'thunderbolt 'seems to have been mentioned before,mobile racking systems, but I can't remember it for a moment." He scratched his head and thought hard, while Yu Tianping stood by and waited quietly. Suddenly Wang Jianzhi slapped his fist and said, "Yes, I remember. I heard Enshuai say that'Thunderbolt Sky Thunder 'is the unique firearm of Tianlongmen.." After a pause, he patted the back of his head and said, "No!" "What's wrong?" "It was thirty years ago that someone in Jianghu used'Thunderbolt Sky Thunder '. At the same time, Tianlongmen is far away from Tibet. They haven't been to the Central Plains for a long time. I'm afraid this is not'Thunderbolt Sky Thunder'!" Yu Tianping said,warehousing storage solutions, "This is what a disabled elder in the Tianshan Mountains said. There is no mistake." "Yes!"! Things in Wulin are so complicated that it's hard to make a conclusion. Maybe Tianlongmen has secretly come to the Central Plains again. "It's not easy. Don't you understand when you catch the bitch who pretends to be Mrs. Guan?" Wang Jianzhi was assassinated by her, and his chivalrous reputation almost went down the drain. As soon as he heard of her, he could not help clenching his steel teeth. He gnashed his teeth and scolded, "This bitch has used obscene and shameless means to make the foolish brother almost unworthy. If you don't kill her, your anger will be hard to get rid of. Brother Yu, go!" "Wait!" "Why?" "Go to save the Iron Face Book Tuo Jin Tianduo first, and then I'm afraid it's too late." "Iron-faced Wei Tuo Jin Tianduo is a man of iron. It's worth saving him." "If Jin Tianduo hasn't starved to death yet, I'm afraid the bitch won't let him go even if I mention it. Go quickly." The word "go" has just been exported, and it has already taken three or four steps forward. Wang Jianzhi hurried over. When he had just run away, he suddenly heard a coquettish rebuke, saying, "There is a time to live, but there is a place to die. You two still can't escape from the palm of my hand." A remnant of the Tianshan Mountains. "That old ghost won't shelter you." In the voice, heavy duty cantilever racks ,wire mesh decking, a few people flashed out of the roadside flowers and trees, blocking the way. False tube madam, right hand carries a sword, left arm handkerchief wraps, hang on the neck. Behind her were six masked men in black, lined up in a row, each holding a three-foot-long, arm-thick, vermilion iron cylinder. As soon as Yu Tianping and Wang Jianzhi saw Mrs. Guan, their enemies were particularly jealous when they met. "Bitch!" Wang Jianzhi snapped! Today I have to cut you open and dig out your heart to see what your heart is made of. He stretched out his right arm and said to Yu Tianping, Brother! Sword! Yu Tianping handed the sword to Wang Jianzhi and said in a low voice, "Wait a minute!" Sweep the corner of the eye to the left and right. Wang Jianzhi looked around and saw twenty or thirty masked men in black, each holding a vermilion cylinder. These black-clad masked men occupied the left and right sides of the two men and the position behind them, and most of the places where they stopped were pavilions or rockeries, taking a commanding position. Mrs. Fake Tuan stepped back behind six masked men in black, who were just in front of them, and the vermilion cylinders in their hands pointed at them together. "Uncle Wang knows a lot about Wulin anecdotes, but he knows the origin of the'Thunderbolt 'that has been extinct in Jianghu for a long time.." said Mrs. Guan with a charming smile. Unexpectedly, what they said was overheard by the false manager's wife. When Mrs. Guan saw that the two of them did not answer, she suddenly put on a frosty mask and said coldly, "Since you know the secret of the'thunderbolt ', do you still want to go?"? Are you willing to be captured? Or will it turn to ashes under the thunderbolt? "Those masked men in black are holding the thunderbolt '?". " Yu Tianping whispered. Wang Jianzhi lowered his voice and said, "I haven't seen it either, but what this bitch said must be true." "Don't you believe it?" Said Mrs. Yin Yin with a smile. She said to a man in black in front of her, "I won't die until I get to the Yellow River. Try it and let them see." "Respect your life!" Cried the man. He raised the cylinder in his hand and shot at the empty place more than ten feet away. Just listen to a "sniff" sound, a black ball fell on the open space, red flash, "boom" a big earthquake, sand and stones everywhere, dust flying. For a long time, the dust and sand dissipated, leaving a big pit on the ground with a square circle of feet. Have you seen it clearly? Do I have to bother? Mrs. Fake Tube smirked. Catch the thief and catch the king. My little brother goes to take down the bitch first. Yu Tianping whispered. The bitch hid behind the others. Wang Jianzhi said. This place is not far from the place where the bitch stands. The younger brother asks himself that he can still get close to her. It's just that if the brother moves, maybe the'thunderbolt 'will come in a dense way. What about the eldest brother? Yu Tianping said. Foolish brother did not put life and death in his heart, but if he succeeded, he must chop the bitch to death. Wang Jianzhi lowered his voice, and his words were full of grief, indignation and heroism. Brother thought carefully, as long as dodge the law, and lower the body, this thing may not be able to escape. Yu Tianping said. Wang Jianzhi thought for a moment and said, "When you are moving, most of the'thunderbolts' will certainly track you and fire at you. Even if you deal with the foolish brother,shuttle rack system, only a few of them will do so. At that time, the foolish brother used the iron plate bridge to make a dodge flat on the ground. When this thing exploded, fragments and sand and stones were fired at random at high places on all sides. It is not certain that he was lucky enough to avoid it." 。