Dzi Bead Change-Tang Jiasanshao

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The noble beasts they encounter are basically killed by rhubarb or Erhuang. Even if you meet some subordinate celestial beasts who are not very strong in cultivation, they will also be lost.

Originally brought back two ice soul day bear, now Xiu Wei has reached the middle level, can be equivalent to the general level of five beads dzi master. Of course, there is still a gap compared with the real five strong players. But the Ice Soul Sky Bear is also a double-attribute beast, and its own strength is quite good. Zhou Weiqing relies on the immortal magic skill, the degree of his heavenly power recovery is extremely fast, even if Liu Yinan gives up Aole to attack him, with the cooperation of the ice soul bear, he also has enough time to recover. In the face of Liu Yinan, who is in the realm of five beads, he is still somewhat confident that the rubbing of all attributes of the three beads has been completed. Watching Zhou Weiqing release the ice soul day bear to oneself a dull low roar, Liu Yinan in the heart of the last glimmer of hope is also shattered. Originally, she was still considering whether she could catch Zhou Weiqing and force him to detoxify Aole, but now it seems that there is obviously no such opportunity. Spitting out a foul breath, Liu Yinan said bitterly, "The mountain doesn't turn and the water turns. Next time we meet, we must make it look good.". Detoxify ole, just like you said. As she spoke, in order to prove that she would not attack Zhou Weiqing, she helped Aole sit on the ground and slowly withdrew. Zhou Weiqing is not afraid of her regret, he is afraid of death,stainless steel tile edge trim, the ability to save life is very much, there are fat cats in the arms and the side of the ice soul bear rhubarb. Walking to Aole's side and looking at his regretful, resentful and painful expression, Zhou Weiqing smiled and said, "Brother Aole, I will not attack unless I am attacked.". Tell me, why do you bother? As he spoke, his hands were already on the shoulders of Aole,stainless steel tile edging, devouring the skill to move, devouring the heavenly power of Aole to replenish himself. What can be faster than devouring the power of others to replenish themselves? Detoxify what is urgent, there is such a good carrier, first restore their own power to say again. As a disciple of Youqing Valley, Aole's heavenly power is quite pure, and he also has the attribute of time, which Zhou Weiqing absorbs. After a while, Zhou Weiqing's own power had reached saturation, and he deliberately absorbed more. While devouring the power of others, he also turned to comfort Liu Yinan and told her that detoxification would take some time. Zhou Weiqing quietly put his right foot on Aole's back and sucked back some of his triple energy poison, leaving only a trace of residue in Aole's body. Ole's pale face looked a little better. He breathed a long breath and looked at Zhou Weiqing with complicated eyes. He nodded to him and said, "Brother Zhou, Aole has written down today's gift." Zhou Weiqing helped him stand up and patted him on the shoulder, just like a very good friend. "I hope brother Aole can choose to cooperate with me next time.". I never wanted to be an enemy of your Blancpain team. Ole sneered, "Maybe.". I'm waiting for brother Zhou outside. Yinan, aluminium edge trim ,tile trim factory, let's go. As he spoke, he had already touched his own glorious gem, and with a flash of golden light, he was the first to disappear into the glorious space. On the other hand, Liu Yinan also triggered his own brilliant gem at the same time, and followed Aole to withdraw from the competition. Moments later, the voice of Shangguan Longyin sounded in the glorious gems of all the players in the glorious space, "Youqing Valley Aole and Liu Yinan withdrew from the competition." Hear this sentence, other people's feeling Zhou Weiqing does not know, at least, he is quite cool. Relying on his own efforts to get out two disciples of Youqing Valley, he can definitely be proud of himself. The fat cat came out of Zhou Weiqing's arms and stood on his shoulder again, looking at Zhou Weiqing's eyes as if they had a little more strange brilliance. More exciting plot in the back, here, I say first, today is still every 3 OO votes plus a chapter. At the same time, tomorrow will enter April, and the same is true on April 1. After the monthly ticket is recalculated, it is still 3 OO tickets. Although tomorrow is April Fool's Day, it is not a lie. The third brother always keeps his word. Come on, vote hard. This is today's guaranteed second watch. Whether you can see today's fourth watch depends on whether your monthly ticket is good. Chapter One Hundred "Black and White" (Middle) Zhou Weiqing smiled and said, "If you want to praise me, say it quickly.". [Read the latest chapter.] Do you think my brother is particularly handsome? Easily deal with a couple in the Valley of Love 。 ” The fat cat snorted, "handsome what handsome?"? The two of them are too stupid, so you got it. Although she sings to say so, but in the heart is to Zhou Weiqing just fighting way greatly amazed, especially he that shows the enemy to be weak, after entering the other side Chi Ti boundary a pretend, make Ao Le and Liu Kui deceived together, can be said to be wonderful to the bottom. Although she herself has seven beads for cultivation, but the love valley of husband and wife cooperation is quite strong, she can not be sure that she will be able to win in the face of two people at the same time, even if she wins, she has to pay a considerable price. Zhou Weiqing absolutely can not do such a light row of understatement, and finally will be restored to the power of heaven, Niao Feng. "We're not in a hurry," said Zhou Weiqing. "I'll practice for a while and digest the power of Aole." After all, what is swallowed is not their own, as long as it is not a short-term output, it must be absorbed and digested. It is not difficult for Zhou Weiqing to absorb the power of Aole. Under the protection of fat cat and rhubarb, Zhou Weiqing has absorbed it in half an hour. Not only has the power of heaven recovered to its peak, but it has even made some progress. He clearly felt that he was getting closer and closer to the fifteenth weight of Tianli. It won't take long to make another breakthrough. Of course, he doesn't want to rush into the cave in this light and shadow space. Everything has to wait until the end of the game. The forest is so vast that three days have passed in a twinkling of an eye. Zhou Weiqing, Fat Cat, Ice Soul Sky Bear, Rhubarb and Erhuang were replaced for ventilation, and there was no danger in the line. As long as it is a beast below the clan level,tile profile factory, Zhou Weibi plus an ice bear can easily deal with it. With the big meat shield of the ice bear in front of him, Zhou Weiqing is very wretched to release a series of control skills in the back. The noble beasts they encounter are basically killed by rhubarb or Erhuang. Even if you meet some subordinate celestial beasts who are not very strong in cultivation, they will also be lost.