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The man kicked him in the chest, abdomen,massage bathtub manufacturers, and finally in the thigh, and Sakata fainted. When Sakata came to life, the man cursed angrily and tortured Shizuko.

Twenty-five, step on the ghost path of Yin and Yang people In the twelve sutras of the bixuan school, there are twelve meridians of metal, wood, water, fire and earth, wind, thunder, heaven, earth and sky, and life and death. Each meridian can produce immortal power of different attributes. Originally, according to the normal method of practice, after the successful practice of the bixuan mental method, it is necessary to go to the elders of this school to learn more profound methods. Corresponding to these twelve meridians, the Bixuan Sect has the magic of Aurora Electric Chop, Five Thunder Bombs, Samadhi True Fire, and so on, which are used to stimulate the immortal power generated by these special attributes of the True Veins. For example, the disciples of the Bixuan Sect who practice Five Thunder Bombs can shine with thunder and control electricity with great power, just like the reincarnation of Thor. A disciple who practices the method of samadhi true fire will have thousands of fire snakes attached to the orb he has refined, and he can exert infinite firepower. Like a bell, he can turn the orb into a ball of fire and use it to hurt people. This is already a very superficial method. Originally, according to the Bixuan mental method, no matter how profound the practice is, it can only cultivate and accumulate these immortal powers of different attributes, and can not exert these special powers at all. However, when Takeshi Yuecheng tried to simulate the human meridians to use the Eight Wilderness Self-Respect Skill and the Wedding Clothes Divine Skill, he found that as long as he had the right method, he could also inspire the power of thunder and lightning and the power of true fire without using the authentic mental method of Bixuan School. It's just that Takeshi Yuecheng's own method is much inferior to that of the authentic Bixuan Sect, but Takeshi Yuecheng knows the difference between knowing what it is and knowing why it is,best whirlpool tub, and he doesn't despise these experiences. Just as Fan Xifeng asked him not to use Bixuan's mental method, he used this time to ponder over these tricks. After waiting for Takeshi to sit quietly, Fan Xifeng took out a dark doll, threw it casually, and it became three or four times bigger and suspended in midair. Then he drew a blue cone of the nether world, broke the skin on his finger, dripped three drops of blood, and then sprinkled it on the body of the original doll. The magic of the Hades Pavilion is not as powerful as the magic of the other five schools. It often kills the enemy invisibly, and there is no change in the use of magic. Fan Xifeng's cultivation of the mind of the nether world has been quite profound, and the mind demon has reached the point where he can remotely control people's hearts in the air, open and close at a glance, and kill the enemy with his eyes. Therefore, it was not particularly difficult for Fan Xifeng to open the Yin and Yang corridor. For him, how to attract those fierce souls was a headache. As for whether there would be any problem for Takeshi Yuecheng to absorb the ghosts into his body, that was not the problem he had to consider. As long as Takeshi Yuecheng does not go wrong, he is 78% sure to complete the further practice of forgetting the Yin and Yang of Sichuan. Although Fan Xifeng himself is not a bad person, China spa factory ,5 person hot tub, he is not a benevolent and righteous person who is indecisive, and his nature is cool and thin. When he was alive, his reputation was not good. He did a lot of wrong things because of a bad idea. In the underworld, he suffered a lot because of his reputation. He changed his name immediately after he flew up. However, he was extremely stubborn and never thought that he had done anything wrong, so he did not change his way of doing things, but kept a low profile. This way of dealing with the world, in this world is naturally not feasible, he did not have the noble status of life, although Ran Min and Meng Shentong have taken a fancy to his ability, want to attract, but Fan Xifeng himself is no special friend, and Meng Shentong is only a casual friend. He himself also understood this point, although Meng Shentong was good to him, it was also based on his ability. This time he wanted to practice Yin and Yang, and because of this reason, it was very difficult to find someone to be a living puppet, so he had to summon a group of Hades soldiers with the magic of the extreme side door to replace the living puppet. But he is still not sure, originally is to take this group of ghost soldiers to find Meng Shentong, to see if these ghost soldiers, in exchange for Meng Shentong's help, to find him a person to help practice. Takeshi Yuecheng took over and killed the ghost soldiers he had randomly placed on Heng Ye Mountain. Fan Xifeng consciously found an excuse to run Meng Shentong and let him help him recruit people. Meng Shentong was half helpless and half had some ideas. He pushed Takeshi Yuecheng out. Originally Meng Shentong thought that Takeshi Yuecheng would not agree, so he asked Ji Wuhua to persuade him. However, Ji Wuhua was so clever that he did not mention these words to Takeshi Yuecheng at all. He only said that he would have some trouble, which was a favor. Under the power of Fan Xifeng, originally is the gap between Yin and Yang, suddenly opened a hole, rolling Yin wind from this hole vent out, Yuecheng Takeshi slightly opened his eyes, only to see the surrounding overcast, unexpectedly suddenly from the place just sitting, was transferred to a strange wasteland. This piece of wasteland is extremely cold, obviously is the earth, but is also harder than the rock, the moon city Takeshi in the heart one Rin, knew oneself this is to where. Legend has it that the founder of the Hades Pavilion, whose wife and children were killed by the Chaos Demon Soldiers, was very sad, so he studied the art of resurrection of the dead. Later, the results of his research were not recognized by the public, but he learned by analogy. From then on, he created the magic of the Hades Pavilion. The Patriarch was the first person who could open the Yin and Yang corridor and enter the place where only the soul could enter and exit. The place where Takeshi Yuecheng is now stepping into is the place where the Yin and Yang Corridor and Yashenzhou and Pangaea are interlaced. It is called the Forgotten River. It is the place where the creatures on Yashenzhou and Pangaea will come after death. In this place, these souls will forget everything in their lifetime, and under the absolute power of the Yin and Yang corridor, they will naturalize into heaven and earth and become another kind of existence, maintaining the balance of Yin and Yang between Pangaea and Yashenzhou. No one knows the true face of the yin-yang corridor, and even the people of the Eight Gods and the Six Schools only know that this yin-yang corridor was established by the gods of Pangaea. Although the magic of the Hades Pavilion has been practiced to the highest point, it can enter the Yin and Yang corridor, but it is only at the entrance of the Yin and Yang corridor, forgetting this place. In the more far-reaching place,Chinese spa manufacturer, not to say that no one dares to go, even if they want to go, no one has such a powerful magic. monalisa.com