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They have become another target that will be scolded and sprayed after the Hundred Flowers Club and Zhang Jiale. The uproar went on all week.

Both versions are now being discussed, but of course, Ye Xiu and others know that the second version is the truth. Ye Xiu even speculated that as early as when he and Zhang Jiale met in the game, Batu might have been working on Zhang Jiale. Lin Jingyan's transfer seems quite sudden, but I'm afraid it's also a plan that Batu has already made. It may also be such a plan that finally moved Zhang Jiale. Han Wenqing, Zhang Xinjie, Lin Jingyan, plus Zhang Jiale's words, this is an All-Star combination that has never been seen in the history of the league. Although there will be three all-stars in some of the top teams, that kind of weight is totally different from the blueprint of the overlord. Han Wenqing, Lin Jingyan and Zhang Jiale are all ace players who can support a team and are the core of the original three teams. And now, the three core figures come together, which is absolutely unprecedented. Such a blueprint, if it can not move Zhang Jiale, then whether he wants a champion or not is open to question. But now the biggest argument for those who oppose this truth is that if they really come back, the Hundred Flowers Team will not sell it. The Hundred Flowers Team is Zhang Jiale's only destination,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, which is the team he has served for six years! There is no doubt that those who hold this view are the diehards of the Hundred Flowers Team and Zhang Jiale. Ye Xiu these people who know the truth can not bear to see any more, they have thought of the moment when the truth is announced, I do not know how many people will be heartbroken. The league stipulates that retired players must be one year old before they can return. Zhang Jiale suddenly decided to retire when the new season was about to begin last year, so that the Baihua Team was caught off guard. At that time, it was the end of the transfer window, and there was really no outstanding player in the circle,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, so Zou yuan was driven to the shelf. However, this regulation mainly refers to the official registration of players to participate in professional competitions, but it does not say that it is impossible to announce in advance. So in the evening of that day, the really sensational news appeared. Zhang Jiale, who has had no news, was interviewed by reporters and admitted that he would be back in the new season, and that he had reached an agreement with the Batu team that he would play for the Batu team in the new season. Even though there has been a lot of gossip, the strength of the truth can never be compared with gossip. All of a sudden, the news that Baihua was acquired by Batu and Zhang Jiale's comeback to join Batu was tied to the top of the disposal, and the whole glory circle went crazy. Compared with this news, Tang Hao's 10 million transfer is simply weak. As Ye Xiu and others expected, Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe ,mirror stainless steel sheet, the truth broke his heart. It is the most loyal fans of the Hundred Flowers Team who make the most voices and the most intense voices. The team gave up Tang Hao, which they can reluctantly accept, after all, this core is not the tradition of their hundred flowers team, they still prefer the tactical style of playing medicine as the core. But then, give up the flowers, which they can not accept in any case. However, when the incident came out, it was already a done deal, a transfer that had been recognized by the professional league, and fans had no chance to protest, because protests could not change the fact. They feel that this is very disrespectful to the fans, they feel cheated, fooled, and even betrayed. All the loyal fans gathered up their fighting spirit and shouted angrily all afternoon. They loudly denounced the decision of the Hundred Flowers Club, regarded it as a brain-damaged deal, and asked the club to give all fans an explanation and explanation. And those who only want to be lively gossip party, wrote Zhang Jiale will join the map of speculation, so that they feel very angry. In their minds, even though Zhang Jiale had an irresponsible retirement last season, he was also the most outstanding ace captain of their Hundred Flowers Team. In any case, he would only be a hundred flowers man. How could he go to any hegemony? While fans are scolding the club, they are fighting to defend the club's former players and countless gossip parties. The love of the fans is true love. They don't understand the club's actions, but when this kind of speculation happens, which makes them feel insulting to the team players, they resolutely choose to fight. Until this moment in the evening. When Zhang Jiale's interview was released. All the gossips were excited. They waved the news and slapped it in the face of the fans who had sprayed them all afternoon. And at this moment, the fans of Hundred Flowers really have no power to fight back. The club sold their favorite characters, and their favorite players took the initiative to go to other teams. For a loyal fan of Hundred Flowers, this moment feels like being abandoned by the whole world. This day is absolutely a very gloomy day for them. Countless people have no strength to argue with others. Sorrow is not greater than the death of the heart. What else can the fans of Hundred Flowers say to others at this time? Hundreds of flower fans silently turned off their computers at this moment, and the news that appeared one after another in this day really made their hearts sink to the bottom. However, as a result, there were not a few angry fans, who were even more excited to denounce the Hundred Flowers Club, and this time, Zhang Jiale was completely involved. Zhang Jiale has long foreseen this result. Even in the course of the interview, when the reporter learned of his decision,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, he immediately foresaw what would absolutely happen. The reporter had already asked this question at that time. Zhang Jiale's answer sounded calm. He was sorry for his irresponsible retirement last season. He was also sorry for not returning to the Baihua Team this season. He didn't say anything that he hoped fans could understand. But the reporter may have felt the pain and uneasiness of Zhang Jiale when he said these words. He asked why Zhang Jiale made such a decision. The answer is so simple: for the championship. For the championship. Some people can understand the meaning of these four words. In a storm of scolding, there are also many fans who send beautiful blessings to Zhang Jiale. However, it is obvious that their blessings can not be widely supported. They have become another target that will be scolded and sprayed after the Hundred Flowers Club and Zhang Jiale. The uproar went on all week. sxthsteel.com