Who says I don't love you?

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Eating and drinking enough every day is vivid and lovely,

Eating and drinking enough every day is vivid and lovely, Wen Jingfan's good mood lasted for a long time. "Nine turns" the small tail also very quickly finished recording, finished recording that night, Lu Yifang treat, a few people go to the TC club for dinner. Wen Jingfan went to the bathroom halfway, and when he came back, there was one more person beside him. He was listening to what the man was saying with his head slightly lowered and a shallow smile on his lips. When I entered the room and saw Sui Enron's surprised expression, I couldn't help laughing in a low voice and introduced to them: "This is Qin Nuanyang, and this is my wife Sui Enron." Qin Nuanyang was impressed by Sui Enron. Last year, Sui Enron had a very brief contact with her when she worked as a lobby manager in S City because of job transfer. Although it was only once, it was impressive. So, this will see, although some surprised, but really quite happy: "Remember me?" Sui Enron stood up and smiled at her with a gentle and generous smile. "Naturally, I remember." Wen Jingfan originally thought that the two men had never met at all. Seeing this, he raised his eyebrows slightly and asked Enron, "Have you met before?"? I didn't hear you say that. Sui Enron recalled: "When I was in S city, I saw her in the afternoon and you in the evening." Qin Nuanyang's understanding of Wen Jingfan is first in the voice,347 stainless steel, and then in himself. After listening to Wen Jingfan's "first encounter" and "encounter", I was in a very good mood: "This is the fate that can come back in several circles." Two people are only the second time to meet, but particularly congenial, chatting then familiar up, after the exchange of mobile phone numbers, Qin Nuanyang saw the other two men did not pay attention to this side, whispered: "My favorite voice is also met,uns s32750 sheet, my boyfriend also ranked second.." It's just that she didn't dare to say this in front of Tang Zechen. At the end of the banquet, Mr. Tang, who had been in the legend all night, also appeared. He came to pick up the warm sun and went back. Seeing that the dinner party was still going on, he simply came in and had a few drinks. Lu Yifang seized the opportunity to make an appointment with Qin Nuanyang. Just as he was talking about the film festival, he patted his head and remembered something: "Jing Fan won the dubbing award, and when the time comes, he will also go to win the award.". Ye Changan is a warm sun match again. You can walk the red carpet together. Tang Zechen suddenly glanced at the past, and his voice was cold: "I am still an investor." Qin Nuanyang turned his eyebrows and looked sideways at Tang Zechen. "Didn't you say you had something to do that day?" Tang Zechen looked at her with a slight smile, and his tone was slightly dangerous: "There is still time for this." "I'm not going to walk the red carpet and go straight to the infield with Enron." Glancing at a few people, he turned to look at Sui Enron and whispered, "She doesn't like busy places." Sui Enron blushed slightly when he looked at him. For a moment, he could not say whether the temperature in the room was too high or for other reasons. He only lowered his head and drank a few mouthfuls of water: "Actually, x60 line pipe ,x70 line pipe, it's all right.." This sentence is not bad. So much so that she stayed from the beginning to the end of the award ceremony. The next day after the dubbing of "Nine Turns", Sui Enron went to work on vacation. Shengyuan Hotel has a lot of personnel transfers, she returned to work after a few days of familiarity before remembering the new colleagues. After going to work for a week, I saw Wen Shaoyuan at the meeting on Monday, who had not seen him for a long time. He seemed to be a little thinner. Originally do not like to laugh, now is expressionless, the whole meeting pressure is so low that everyone dare not breathe. Sui Enron had something to say to him, so he deliberately tidied up slowly. When he was almost gone, Wen Shaoyuan stood up and asked her, "What do you want to say?" Sui Enron originally wanted to ask him whether he had come to the airport that day and whether he had contacted Wen Ge again. It's just that when the words come to my mouth, I feel like I'm too busy. As Wen Jingfan said, feelings are a matter of the two of them, and no matter how close her relationship with Wen Ge is, she is a bystander, so she shouldn't ask about these things for Wen Ge. Thinking so, he was relieved. He smiled and said, "I haven't seen you for a long time." Knowing that this was not what she wanted to say, Wen Shaoyuan did not answer, looked at her quietly, and motioned her to go on. There is nothing else to say. Take care of yourself. If you have any inconvenience over there, you can ask me for help. Wen Shaoyuan unexpectedly did not refuse, bent lips and smiled and answered "good". During the lunch break at noon, Wen Jingfan called ahead and asked her to wait for him at the hotel. Another half a month is the film festival, with Enron since to go, naturally to prepare the dress. Wen Jingfan had seen the style of the dress in advance and planned to take her to see if she liked it in the afternoon. Sui Enron was in the bathroom when the call came. She had a bad appetite recently and seemed to have some problems with her stomach. After hanging up the phone, she pushed open the cubicle and came out to wash her hands. Aunt Wen of the Personnel Department has been eating with her in the canteen these days. Seeing that she has been like this for several days, she couldn't help saying, "Haven't you told Jing Fan that you have been like this for several days?" Sui Enron washed his hands and looked at himself with a pale face in the mirror. He was slightly distressed: "I didn't hide it from him deliberately. I was fine at home, just like this in the hotel.." Aunt Wen frowned and urged her to take advantage of her lunch break to let Wen Jingfan take her to the hospital. She answered casually, thinking that Wen Jingfan had several meetings in a row today, so she asked for an hour's leave and went to the hospital herself. But when she got to the hospital gate, she suddenly remembered something. I suddenly got cold feet again. It's her period these days. Does it mean there's news if her period doesn't come? So thinking, she thought the situation was not serious, turned around and went back to the hotel. When she got off work, she received a complaint and rushed to deal with it. Seeing that it would not be better for a while and a half, he quietly sent a message to Wen Jingfan asking him to wait a little longer. Wen Jingfan received the message, waited for a moment or did not wait for anyone, simply parked in the underground parking garage, ready to go up to find her. As soon as he walked slowly into the lobby, the lobby manager who came to take over came out from the front desk and asked him earnestly, "Mr. Wen,316 stainless steel plate, do you need to check in?" Wen Jingfan raised his eyebrows slightly and replied, "No, I'll pick up my wife from work." 。 lksteelpipe.com