Sleepless Master (70)

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"Well, it's hard to say, from the point of view of skill level,

"Well, it's hard to say, from the point of view of skill level, Cold Night Moon's" One Word Electric Sword "has an absolute advantage, but Chen Fan holds the best weapon to make a decision, the two of them, one is speed, the other is attack.." It's really hard to judge. In the low voice of the players under the stage, the cold night moon launched an attack on Chen Fan. Chapter 37 cutting off hands The speed of the sword is like lightning, and the strength of the sword is like thunder. In the blink of an eye, the cold night moon pierced five swords one after another, one faster than the other! "One Word Electric Sword really lives up to its reputation!" Chen Fangao shouted and raised his knife to chop the past. There was a little shock in his heart, but the expression on his face was still calm, like an ancient well without ripples. 'Clang! ' 'Clang! ' 'Clang! ' 'Clang! ' 'Clang! ' At the end of five crisp metallic neighs, the two men each took two steps back. The cold night moon frowned tightly and looked down at the cuff cut by the tiger's roaring knife and the long sword in her hand, which had already appeared a slight crack. No one thought that this tentative contest turned out to be a leeward of the moon on a cold night, and many players who did not know why thought that the two were tied. Brother, good knife skills! Admire! The cold night moon looked at Chen Fan, put away the heart of underestimating the enemy, the face that inadvertently revealed a touch of pride also dissipated. You cut off my friend's right hand, and I will cut off your right hand. Chen Fan pointed at the cold night moon with the tip of his knife and said. Ask my sword if you agree! As soon as the moon's face changed on a cold night, he shook his sword again. This time, he used ten percent of his internal force, and the sword suddenly made a heavy'buzzing 'sound. Eh? What's going on here? How to look at the sword used by the moon on a cold night is also an ordinary store product, but how to bring the '? "Of'Longyin'? Chen Dahai stared at the field. Fool, it's not a dragon's song, it's a lament. "Lament?" Xiao Feiyun nodded and said,liquid bottle filling machine, "In the'Best in the World ', the internal force that any weapon can bear is limited. For example, ordinary store goods can bear 100 points of internal force. Once the internal force exceeds 100 points, the body of the sword will break and break because it can't bear this internal force. Before that, the weapon will lament.." "The higher the quality of the weapon, the more internal force it can bear, and the greater its power." What Fanzi uses is the best weapon, Tiger Roaring Knife! 'Ow! ' The knife, like a tiger, sent out a roar that shocked people and split straight into the door of the cold night moon. Although "Black Mountain Sword Skill" is just an unfashionable sword skill, it has become extremely powerful under the double blessing of a large number of internal forces and Tiger Roaring Sword. Not to mention that "One Word Electric Sword" is only a second-rate swordsmanship in Jianghu. Even if it is a first-class swordsmanship, when you meet Chen Fan, you have to retreat and avoid its edge. Good for you! Tried to cut off my hand! I'll cut you first! With a loud cry, the cold night moon flashed his body to the left, CSD filling line ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, slanting his sword at Chen Fan's wrist. When he saw that the sword was about to hit Chen Fan, the roaring tiger roaring knife was withdrawn in midair, leaving him with an empty sword. False move! Terrible! On a cold night, the moon was shocked. If I say I'll cut off your hand, I'll cut off your hand! Chen Fan's voice sounded in the ear, the cold night moon did not wait to take back the sword, the wrist has spread a sharp pain, and then look, his right hand has flown up, but also brought up a spring of blood. Senior fellow apprentice Nineteen White Dragon Gate masters shouted in unison, surprised and angry in their hearts. Chen Fan threw away the blood stains on the knife and sent it back to the scabbard. "This is even," he said to the moon on a cold night. Han Yeyue, who had been lifted up by the Younger Martial Brothers, turned pale. She gritted her teeth and said, "I admit that I was defeated, but I refuse to accept it. What you rely on is only the sharp weapon in your hand!"! It is impossible to win! This is obviously a provocation. If Chen Fan is the first day to enter the'world ', perhaps on his way. Unfortunately, Chen Fan's experience in these two days is difficult for ordinary players to experience in a few months. Chen Fan smiled: "Oh?"? If I lose, blame the sharp weapon in my hand? Then you have won so many masters of various schools, don't you rely on "One Word Electric Sword"? "You.." Cold night moon dumb, back to think, is indeed their own words out of the question, immediately blushed. "Yes!"! If you lose, you lose. Where does all this bullshit come from! If you can't afford to lose, don't set up a ring! "That's right!"! Get out of the White Dragon Gate! "Get out of here!" The players who have been blocked at the door of the secret land of blood for a long time have already accumulated resentment against the White Dragon Gate. Now that they have seen the cold night moon defeated, how can they not add insult to injury? Of course, they just verbally scold, dare not really start, after all, there are nineteen famous behind the cold night moon, seven layers of white dragon masters, they dare not easily provoke. Elder Martial Brother, why don't we put out the'White Dragon Kill Array 'to kill this arrogant guy! No matter how powerful he is, he can't block our sword array. A man with triangular eyes whispered in the ear of the cold night moon. How can this work? If this matter is spread, how can our disciples of White Dragon Gate gain a foothold in Jianghu in the future? "Don't talk nonsense," said the cold night moon. "Let's go." "Damn, the weapon in this boy's hand is the best weapon, burst out, can make a fortune." There was a hint of greed in the eyes of the triangle-eyed disciple. White Dragon Kill Array? Have a chance to try the power of this array. Chen Fan secretly said in his heart. Chen Fan's ear power has far exceeded that of ordinary people, so the low voice conversation between the triangle-eyed man and the cold night moon just now has not been able to deceive him. Disciples of White Dragon Gate pulled out their swords one after another, protected the cold moon in the center, and left carefully from the left side. A farce caused by the booking was about to end. Suddenly, five blue plum blossom darts with strong poison flew out of the disciples of White Dragon Gate and shot straight at Chen Fan. Then a white figure jumped out and split the past with a sword. Younger Martial Brother Yue! What are you doing? The moon shook all over on a cold night. Damn, this kid is too arrogant! If he is alive, we White Dragon Gate disciples will have no face to see people in the future! This disciple of White Dragon Gate,juice filling machine, who is called "Younger Martial Brother of the Moon" by the Cold Night Moon, is the disciple of White Dragon Gate with triangular eyes, named Suiyue. 'Puff Puff puff! ' 。