Top 4 Ways to Farming Gold Fast in WoW WotLK 2022

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they want to know how to grow more WOW Gold Classic in WotLK. Please read this article and find guidance. Players can also purchase WotLK Classic Gold for sale to choose the weapons they want for their in-game characters.

Fans of the Warcraft Classic series are excited about the new Wrath of the Lich King expansion. The latest expansion of World of Warcraft will have a lot of new features. When it comes to gold coin farming in "World of Warcraft", many players know the importance of gold coins in the game. The way to get enough gold in this game is not easy. So, they want to know how to grow more WOW Gold Classic in WotLK. Please read this article and find guidance. Players can also purchase WotLK Classic Gold for sale to choose the weapons they want for their in-game characters.


Questing is probably the most popular way to make gold, and a great thing about it is that you can actually do some gathering profession as you go. Another great thing about this method is the experience points to gold conversion ratio, which will be 6 copper for every XP you gain. The XP to gold ratio, however, only works if you are not more than 5 levels above what's required for the quest. If this is the case, you get diminished rewards.

Your gold reward will be reduced by 20%, for example, if you complete a level 74 quest at level 80, but for level 75 and above quests, no penalty. So it's better to save those 75 and above quests for later when you are maxed out and get cracking on the lower level ones so as not to lose rewards.

Skinning – Gold Farming

If we look at TBC Classic, Skinning was majorly profitable until you got to Outland and instantly lost all value; in WOTLK Classic, Blizzard corrected this mistake by making skinning one of the top professions to gain gold fast.

Skinning requires a skinning knife and to kill a beast mob. Once you’ve looted it, you can proceed to skin the mob for leathers and the most sought-after item, Arctic Fur. Arctic Fur is used to purchase recipes for Leatherworkers in the late game and is pivotal for crafting components. You can expect to sell Arctic Furs at an incredibly lucrative amount, along with the bonus of making heavy Borean leather from regular Borean leather.

Gold DKP Runs

We had already reported several times in the Classic era that how important the gold DKP meta was on many classic servers and how grossly this meta has impacted gameplay and economy. Back then, there wasn’t a more efficient way to get gold than participating in a successful GDKP run in the current tier raids. The move of Orgrimmar and Co. to Shattrath hasn’t changed that on many servers. Even now you can bag several thousand pieces of gold per run with a relatively short investment of time. The real challenge is to get a place in such a GDKP run that can successfully lay the bosses and then have a little luck with the loot.


There are three types of professions that can earn you a lot of gold.

Consistent Income – These professions offer a pretty consistent gold income throughout the campaign. They are Alchemy, Enchanting, Jewelcrafting and Cooking. Items crafted from these professions are not overly expensive and are always in demand giving you a steady gold supply.

Cyclical Income – When a new raid is added to the game, the cyclic professions produce the most gold. These raids introduce new patterns containing recipes for binder-equipped items considered best in slot, such as the Pattern: Belt of Arctic Life. They are initially in high demand, but as more players acquire those items, their value decreases. When it comes to gold making, the most important professions in Wotlk are Tailoring, Blacksmithing, and Leatherworking.

Additionally, as a Tailor, you can earn some extra gold by making bags that are almost always in demand. By adding gem sockets to bracers and belts, blacksmiths can make a few extra gold coins.

Short-term Income – The Herbalism and Inscription professions make the most gold in a short period of time because there is a high demand for some of the items produced by these professions at the start of the WotLK expansion.

Inscription is the primary profession here, and it produces Glyphs and Darkmoon cards that can only be crafted with herbs. As a result, both professions are required at the start of the patch.

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