Personal Injury Funding in Florida

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If you need personal injury loans, you may be entitled to a cash advance.

Personal injury legal funding is available to individuals who have true claims for injury but who are not legally able to litigate. This condition often arises with claims relating to toxic substances, medical malpractice, and drug reactions. These claims require long-running investigations and expert witnesses, resulting in high costs to plaintiffs. Although some attorneys will take these cases on a contingency basis, the expense may exceed the attorney or personal injury firm's ability to maintain it.


If you need personal injury loans, you may be entitled to a cash advance. This money doesn't have to be repaid like a traditional loan, you pay only if you win your claim. The funds received through your settlement will then be used to repay the funds. Because of these uncertainties and the length of time involved, legal funding companies are very cautious when investigating who they fund.


Often, you will find that the defendant is a large corporation that has vast financial resources to use against the plaintiff of liberal means. The way the case is pursued depends on the resources available. There's a big difference between presenting a case with the basics covered and the entire case with high-powered experts, graphics, and video. If you choose to adopt the latter option, you will likely get a lawsuit loan from outside groups.


Also, remember that even if you have insurance coverage, it doesn't always pay the injured party enough. Insurance companies pay the injured party based on a determination made by their statisticians and claims adjusters. Sometimes these payments do not cover your injuries and may require you to take legal action. If the person filing the complaint has a valid case, he has a good chance of getting legal money.