Upcoming Electric Bikes in India 2022-2023

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MANTRA E-Bike is the Best Indian electric two-wheeler manufacturing company that was established in 2018 with a mission to create two-wheelers that can change each and every gasoline bike existing on roads by battery-operated E-bikes and scooters and drive our present towards a sustainable

Electric bikes are now becoming very attractive in the Indian market. Not only its eco-friendly advantage, but also its sleek and modern look. EV is the future because it is sustainable and beneficial in the long run. Electric bikes are still a new concept for Indians as we have been using traditional bikes for years. Not only new leading players like Mantra e-bikes are coming out with a very attractive collection of electric bikes, but also many known companies like Ola, Hero are launching their electric bikes and scooters in 2022. Electric bikes made in India are already available in the market with attractive colors, perfect design and unique features, but these electric bikes coming in 2022 in India are something you must look out for. These comfortable, classy and designed modern tech bikes are worth your time. Most Indians are shifting towards electric bikes and scooters and if you are also looking for one, let's know about the amazing electric bike coming in India in 2022.


1. Emflux One
India's first electric superbike company Mflux Motors is headquartered in Karnataka. Expected to launch in September 2022, their Emflux is expected to be on the expensive side at Rs 5.50 lakh. This is one of the most expensive ones we have discussed in the category of Upcoming Electric Bikes in India 2022-2023. The Emflux has a top speed of 200 mph. Unique from all the other bikes mentioned here is a liquid cooled motor. It includes 9.7kwh motor power for smooth operation of this bike.

2. Okinawa Okhi90:
Founded in 2015, Okinawa Autotech is an Indian electric two-wheeler manufacturer. Okinawa Okhi90 is an e-scooter that comes in only one variant, Okinawa Okhi90 STD. It is a smart scooter that allows phone connectivity, precise navigation and keyless operations. The price in Delhi is Rs 1.22 lakh. It comes with years of warranty and can go up to 160 km on a full charge. The top speed is 80-90 kmph and is powered by a 3800W motor. It has combi brake system, both front and rear brakes are discs. The Okinawa Okhi90 is among the upcoming electric bikes in India in 2022 because of the various features it offers. Bluetooth connectivity call and SMS alerts, music control and OTA are available on this e-scooter.

3. Update Moto RM 25 02
A Nashik-based startup Revamp Moto is set to launch its e-scooter in September 2022. Yes, this is the Revamp Moto you saw at Shark Tank India with their EVs. This electric scooter has an adorable look. Ola is like an electric scooter. Estimated price for this is Rs.55000. It has a load capacity of 120 kg and all the lights fitted are LED. It offers a top speed of 25kmph which is relatively less than other brands.

4. Tvs iQube Electric ST
This e-scooter has the look of a traditional scooter and a very comfortable looking design. The expected price of the iQUbe is 1.25 lakh, which is quite expensive compared to other electric scooters. It has a battery capacity of 4.6KWH, ​​driven by a BLDC motor of 4.4KW. A full charge gives a range of up to 145 km. Other features include Bluetooth connectivity, call alerts, navigation, anti-theft alarm and USB charging port. It may be priced higher than other e-scooters in the market but we have included it in the category of upcoming electric bikes in India 2022 because of the number of features it offers.

5. Evoque Urban Classic
The Evoque Urban Classic is expected to be launched in August 2022. With a 19000W motor, this e-bike can travel up to 200 km on a full charge. A combi brake system, a digital speedometer, a trip meter and three riding modes Pro, Eco and City. There is no Bluetooth connectivity or charging point, which is a drawback. Reverse gear feature is available with S.M.A.R.T battery management.