Of all the qualities Frank Vogel carries into his new job as head coach of th

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Of all the qualities Frank Vogel carries into his new job as head coach of th

Of all the qualities Frank Vogel carries into his new job as head coach of the Lakers, the one that might mean the least to him is the one that meant the most to Myles Turner.

"Its tough being a rookie, just being thrown into the fire, but he was a coach who was very confident in me,"Turner told Sporting News. "He instilled that confidence in me early, and he just wanted me to go out and play."

Turner was a rookie with the Pacers when he began playing for Vogel. He'd been a first-round pick, selected No. 11 overall following a disappointing freshman season San Diego Padres Jersey at Texas in which he'd averaged only 10.1 points. Midway through that first year, Turner was comfortable enough to become a starter on a playoff team and actually top his college scoring average (10.3).


LeBron James, though, does not have an i sue with confidence. He has scored 32,543 points in the NBA. Last season, suffering through a "down year"because of injuries and roster i sues with the Lakers, James averaged 27.4 points,8.5 rebounds and 8.3 a sists.

Anthony Davis has been an All-Star six times. Danny Green has two NBA championship rings. Eight times an All-NBA selection, Dwight Howard surely is not lacking for confidence, and Rajon Rondo has known he is Rajon Rondo for a very long time.

One can see warnings in that collection of basketball names that the challenge Vogel faces now, with eight years of experience as an NBA head coach, will be different than anything he previously encountered with the Pacers and Magic.

Vogel has trained his whole life for this opportunity, in a sense, and yet Dave Winfield Jersey it is impo sible to know if he truly is prepared for it.

Good luck, though, finding someone who has dealt with him and is expecting him to fail.

Vogel was dismi sed by the Pacers after four-and-a-halfseasons and two appearances in the Eastern Conference finals, but throughout the organization, there remains a profound respect for his work with the team and for the work ethic that drove the team's succe s. He was 56 games under .500 in two seasons in Orlando, but there remains an understanding he was placed in a difficult circumstance that did not suit his skillset (and probably no one elses, either).

From Indiana: "As a coach, you evolve. I think you have to,"Chris Denari, the Pacers'television voice, told Sporting News. "With the Pacers, he had Paul George, who was a really good player, and the Indiana teams in '12, '13 and '14 were really talented. But he's never had that guy. I think when you have that guy, you learn you're going to ride with a lot of things that guy does. I think he knows that's what going to have to happen for them to be succe sful."

From Orlando: "Jeff Weltman has done a really good job of turning a dysfunctional franchise into a functional one. If he had been the president of basketball operations when Vogel was hired, Vogel would still be the coach of the Magic,"Orlando Sentinel columnist and 96.9 The Game morning host Mike Bianchi told Sporting News. "He was a good coach and a good man who got put in an awful Blake Snell Jersey situation. In my opinion, Red Auerbach or Phil Jackson could not have won with the roster Vogel inherited and toxic culture surrounding the franchise."

Past a sociates in both cities praise his elite tactical ability, particularly at the offensive end, as well as his enthusiasm for analysis and preparation. Likely a product of being sequestered in the video suite for so many years at Kentucky and Boston, Vogel established a reputation for running sharp sets that elevated his players'collective talents.


Heis also admired for his relationship-building, for working effectively with players and staff. Turner is one excellent example of that, but he also got some of the best basketball out of veteran NBA forward David West and center Roy Hibbert. Vogel ceded the team's defenseto a sistant DanBurke, who now is well known as one of the league's top defensive minds. He empowered West to handle locker room leadership.

"I think Frank was younger, so he can relate to us a little more,"Turner told SN. "I think that was kind of his Javy Guerra Jersey mantra, and his thing. I think that plays a big part in it. Sometimes it's tougher to have old-school coaches because they coach in an old-school way. But coach Vogel is more new-school."

He certainly took a different approach to reach his current circumstance than most. His two top a sistants, Lionel Hollins and Jason Kidd, who both have been head coaches, were great players whose experience at the game's highest level helped lead them into coaching.

As a collegian, Vogel left behind a season of eligibility at Division III Juniata that's in Pennsylvania because he wanted to make the game his career, and he believed a year doing whatever Rick Pitino would allow him to do would launch him in that direction. He talked his way into a position as team manager after transferring to Kentucky. He made a strong enough impre sion that Pitino eventually hired him to become the Celtics'video coordinator.

Vogel forged a strong bond while at Kentucky with a sistant coach Jim O'Brien, Johnny Manziel Jersey who went along with Pitino to Boston and, when things went poorly, succeeded him as head coach. Given that authority, O'Brien elevated Vogel to the position of a sistant coach. When O'Brien took over the Pacers in 2007, he hired Vogel there, too. And, curiously, Vogel got his first opportunity at an NBA head coaching job in the same way O'Brien did: The bo s got fired after a 17-27 start in 2010-11, and the lead a sistant was put in charge.

When Vogel walked onto the floor to coach the Pacers on Jan. 31, 2011, his career record was 0-0. Larry Bird, then the team president, immediately declared the team should make the playoffs despite the lousy start. And Vogel got them there.

"He has just an outward, Brad Hand Jersey positive energy. Like Larry has that quiet confidence a little stark, you know. And other guys are screamers/yellers. Franks just always wanting to make it fun,"Burke, who has been with the team through six head coaches, told Sporting News. "He's always positive: 'Hey, you could do this, you could do that, you're the best at this.' I think after a while, players start believing some of that."

Although the majority of players in the Lakers' rotation might not need individual encouragement, they will need to believe in their operation. They will need to believe in their coach. And they will need to be held to account at various points in the season; one league source told SN the hiring of Hollins was a wise choice in that regard.

What might be the greatest adjustment for Vogel is the spotlight that will find him in Los Angeles. LA has two NFL teams, (sort of) has two Major League Baseball teams, two Pac-12 colleges, an NHL team and, yes, a second NBA tea