6 Tips for Writing Your Dissertation

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hi I'm Tamra with servicescape dot-com and in this video I'll be discussing some simple strategies you can use in writing your dissertation that will take some of the stress out of this project the goal

 All dissertation writing requires two essential skills that you'll need to improve and refine the first scale is research without good research skills you can't be a good writer this is because all writing is based on the authors observations and research this applies just as much to writing dissertations as it does to writing in any genre without the right amount of observations and research your thesis statement will be confusing your dissertation will be uninformed and illogical and the writing will be the same way no matter how skilled a writer you are so let's say you've completed all of your research you've chosen a topic that interests you and it's time to start putting words on paper when you get to this point remember that this is the same feeling novelists get when they start to write a novel the next skill that is necessary for a great dissertation is good writing.

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 So where do you begin you begin at the same place a novelist does you just start writing and this is where our first tip comes into play start somewhere anywhere it doesn't have to be at the beginning in fact it probably won't be with more than 150 pages of writing to do it's easy to feel overwhelmed but remember that writing is like exercising sometimes getting started is half the battle once you get going it gets so much easier to continue in exercise adrenaline starts pumping in the writing process the creativity starts flowing but first you have to get started so get started with writing on the topic you've chosen for your dissertation and don't worry about organization structure or how correctly you've written it the important part is for you to write as much as you can on what you know about the topic which brings us to our second tip separate the writing and the editing processes when you sit down in the early stages to write your dissertation don't stop to make corrections and don't expect perfection think of this as a very rough draft don't stop to read each paragraph.

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 You just wrote to find all of its flaws don't worry about things like transitions flow organization or spelling and grammar mistakes just right allow your writing to flow naturally in a stream of consciousness style if necessary but don't stop this process is starting with what you already know will get the ball rolling and will overcome any dreaded writer's block that you might be feeling at the beginning now let's focus more closely on how to develop this first draft that you have just started you obviously have strong feelings about this dissertation topic after many semesters of research and preparation you probably have a lot of personal opinions about it and that's a good thing that personal investment will pay off in the writing process if you let it this is where our third tip comes in handy don't try to make your writing at this stage sound academic rather just write from the heart during this first stage of the dissertation writing process.